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   Why do we exist?

We believe that no one in Pittsburgh or Allegheny County should be homeless, hungry, without help, or thinking that no one cares.

The Homeless Outreach Coordinating Committee exists to give hope and help to homeless individuals who need individualized support to achieve self-sufficiency. We are a collaborative of over 30 nonprofit organizations that are working to integrate services so that we can better meet the needs of homeless individuals and families on their terms, focusing on both immediate and long term needs. Together, we work to decrease the numbers of homeless living in Pittsburgh & Allegheny County.

Many people living on the streets are single men and women. Many are veterans. Many have been on the streets for several years. Current estimates are that 200-300 chronically homeless people are living on the streets on any given night in Pittsburgh. People who live on the streets represent less then 10% of the total homeless population in Pittsburgh. Most homeless people are in shelters or doubled up with friends and families and are much less visible. There is not enough shelter beds available for the number of people who are homeless in Pittsburgh. We know it's time to make a change.

Photo Credit: Doug Michaels, 2008